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With many newspapers closing and fewer people watching TV news broadcasts, it's easy to think that media jobs are a thing of a past. Although this isnt quite accurate, traditional media positions are expected to decline by 9 percent between 2016 and 2026. However, there are plenty of media jobs if you know where to look.

Examples of Digital Media Careers

Much of the content that media jobs produce is consumed online. Employers often require digital proficiency for careers such as:

  • Social media coordinator
  • Digital marketing account manager
  • Public relations assistant
  • Remote content writer
  • Online reporter
  • Blog strategist
  • Digital content coordinator
  • Online video producer

Some of these jobs are not new, but skills have changed substantially over the past 30 years. Videographers and photographers need to be adept at dealing with digital media rather than traditional print forms, and writers may need to understand concepts such as search engine optimization and HTML.

Why Are There Lots of Media Jobs?

Virtually any type of employer needs a digital media presence. Take a small town in the Midwest. Suppose it has three public school districts in the area, a large hospital and healthcare system, many restaurant chains and mom-and-pop eateries and quite a few shops. Job seekers could probably find several entry-level communications jobs managing social media for any of these businesses. Also, these will need employees to help with publicity, advertising, marketing, press releases and much more. That's just in a small Midwest town.

Of course, openings still exist for traditional media jobs. While many newspapers have gone out of business, you can still find job posts every day for news reporters, photographers and editors. The same applies to various types of jobs in television such as production assistant, researcher, reporter, anchor, host, producer, technician and writer's assistant.

The reality is that media jobs are very much alive today. In large part, they don't look like the media jobs of a generation ago, and many have migrated partly or fully online. Nevertheless, they're still about delivering relevant and fun content in innovative and engaging ways.

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